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Monday, March 20 2017

Skincare at 30 - what to include in your daily routine of beauty


Skin care at 30 years requires more attention if you want a shiny, firm and wrinkled skin. Further, I've prepared some suggestions and ingredients to include in your daily beauty routine! By the age of 30, you have most likely been a very interesting way in all respects. Endless walks with weekend friends, nights spent at parties, weddings where you've been a bridesmaid, advancement in your career - all of this sooner or later has effects on your skin. That's why, with the age of 30, it's time to rethink your beauty routine.

Skin care at 30 years of age is not a tragedy and not impossible, especially if you use the right products and effective ingredients to help keep your skin's skin smooth.

Discover what the beauty products you should use at age 30: It's time to put emphasis on moisturizing

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Skin care at 30 years is based on hydration, especially if you were pregnant. Why? Well, according to NY Whitney Bowe dermatologist, during pregnancy, the skin loses natural moisture more easily and absorbs products faster, and progesterone dilates blood vessels and increases sensitivity.

Even if you were not pregnant and you do not plan to have a baby too soon, you need to be careful about moisturizing. Nutrition and lifestyle have a decisive impact on the complexion. There are foods like caffeine, which accelerates the dehydration of the skin - so the skin appears dry as well as reddish.

It's time to quit cleaning froths and introduce a moisturizing toner into your daily beauty routine. Moreover, you should avoid products that contain creams that can irritate your skin, such as perfume or preservatives. Exfoliating twice a week - a solution for beautiful skin

Until now, exfoliation has been a means of preventing pimples and blackheads. Now, however, it's about regenerating skin cells and improving circulation, and you need to do it twice a week to keep your skin luminous.

Light exfoliation normalizes the moisture barrier of the skin so that it can better maintain the water and make the skin more hydrated. Try exfoliating lotions based on hyaluronic acid or rose water. These will have a delicate effect on your complexion, remove dead skin cells and give you brilliance. Skin Care at 30 Years - Moisturizing Serum

Even if you prefer a beauty routine based on a limited number of products, you should also consider using a moisturizer. It will not take too long to apply it, nor will it take up too much space in your luggage if you take it in the right amount. It's important to think about what's best for your skin and set your priorities!

Serums are powerful moisturizers that penetrate the skin tissue deeply. Because, unfortunately, your skin will become more dry at the age of 30, it is good to choose serums of ingredients such as glycerine or hyaluronic acid.

Apply the serum to freshly cleansed and moist skin after you get out of the shower. Give her a few minutes to go into the skin and then continue with your favorite moisturizing lotion! Skin care at 30 years - what you can do with pigment stains

One of the problems that women face at age 30, according to dermatologists, is pigment stains. Whether you're talking about sun-stains, red spots or melasma stains during pregnancy, it's important to treat them with care and attention without irritating your skin.

An ingredient that can help you treat the multiplication of these spots is vitamin C. You can also try home-based beauty treatments based on sweet wood, soy, lionelic acid and especially vitamin C. You can also introduce essential oils for pigmentation markets in treatments for beauty to combat them. Eye Cream - an essential skin care product for 30 years

With this age, the need for an eye cream also grows. The skin around the eyes is much smoother and more sensitive, making it more prone to the appearance of fine wrinkles.

Bags under the eyes and circles are another problem that you will face when you are 30 years old. Sleepless nights and genetic inheritance are their main causes.

However, if you want to keep your skin around healthy eyes, you can start with a moisturizing eye cream, which you apply twice a day. For carcasses you can try products that contain peptides, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. For bags under the eyes, caffeine-based products can help. SPF cream

Do you know I said at first that skin care at 30 years requires more attention? Well, one of the products you should put in your daily beauty routine at this age are UV-protected creams.

Most wrinkles are caused by harmful sun rays, and UV and SPF filters will not only help you avoid unwanted skin burns, but also keep your skin healthy and healthy.

Once you use care products such as moisturizing creams, sunscreen or even sunscreen creams for your face, you will protect your skin and the pollution and the negative effects from the environment.