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How to Choose the Right Linear Drain for Your Shower

Perhaps one thing that you want to do after the long day at work is only a relaxing warm shower. For some of us, shower is as important as other part of the house. Speaking of shower, there are some items that should be never ignored such as shower drain. Not many of us pay attention to shower drain but it is actually an important part of the bathroom itself. No one likes the stale water smell when you want nice warm shower. Also no one expect to get late to work just because the when having morning shower, the water floods the bathroom floor.

Shower channels linear drain U.K. is an essential part of every bathroom just as important as selecting the perfect shower faucet. Similar to selecting the perfect shower faucet, you surely do not want somebody to get in your way like when you are uncomfortable to wash due to the rancid smell or water flooding. In general, there are three kinds of shower drain which are traditional drains, linear drains, and pre made base drain. Each of the drain types has its pros and cons and your selection should be based on your need.


The linear drain is suitable for shower which has no curb. It is a stylish choice for showers since it is clean and gives the sleek and contemporary look of the bathroom. The main advantage of this linear drain is it has smaller slope compared to traditional drain. It means that the drain installation requires no carving into the bathroom or making a bowl-like for the water to flow. In addition, the linear drain is narrow, so it can fit perfectly along the shower edge without taking over too much bathroom tiles. If you are consider using linear drain for shower, here are some tips on how to choose the right linear shower drain.

Site conditions

Before purchase linear shower drain, it is important to inspect the bathroom first. Whether your bathroom is new construction or renovation, make sure that you know where to locate the linear drain for the waste line. Depends on the bathroom condition, it is also possible to move the waste line. You can consult to professional constructor for better advice. Tips...

Consider the installation

Installing the linear drain should be planned carefully. It is better to delay the installation if you have not decided the tile yet. There are some types of linear shower drain with different size. The smaller of the size means it has slower flow rates. There are some methods to install linear shower drain such as barrier free, center pitch installation, against the wall, and much more.

Care and maintenance

Liner shower drain may have fast flow rate, however, it also required regular care and maintenance. Make sure to regularly remove hair buildup because around the waste pipe because it can slower the flow rate. In addition, it is also not recommended to use abrasive cleaners, chemical cleaners, and scrub pads to clean the drain surface because it may cause the drain to loose its color. Read more linear shower drains ratings.